New Community Signposting Service in Gosport

Date: 6th December 2023

Every Thursday – 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Free, confidential and friendly service

How can we help YOU?

A new Community Signposting service for the Gosport area is being trialled here at Northcott House.

This is in association with Gosport Voluntary Action and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Many of us find ourselves in situations where we face challenges and need help and advice, but sometimes don’t know where to start, or which route to take when there is a choice.

Our trained volunteers from Gosport Voluntary Action will help you navigate the wealth of social care assistance available and will be based at Northcott House about us, initially on Thursday afternoons, aiming to serve residents in the home, visitors and relatives, and our neighbouring community of Northcott Close.

Do you or someone you care for need support to access a range of local organisations to help with health and well-being?

A Signposting Service volunteer will talk to you about the support you may need now or in the future including organisations covering:-

  • Carers and bereavement support groups
  • Living Well with Dementia, and support of loved ones
  • Living with depression, loneliness or anxiety
  • Coping with isolation issues including reduced mobility or arthritis
  • Information about welfare benefits and finances that affect your day to day living
  • Living with Sensory Loss, such as eyesight or hearing
  • Social interaction with local community clubs
  • Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Choices such as smoking cessation


It’s easy to access the service –


Or simply ask at the office to book an appointment

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