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  • Home Care Assistant (HCA)

    Forest Care - Home Care / Domiciliary - Hourly / Visiting Care | Full Time |

    As a home care assistant (HCA), you will provide visiting support for many customers. Visits can last from 1 hour to a few hours. HCA’s provide home care support for a number of customers. A typical day will see a carers provide personal care, domestic assistance and companionship to a number of people. Visits last from 1 hour to a few hours. Carers are expected to travel around the area and so a full valid UK driving license and access to a car is essential. As a Home carer you will be expected to assist with your client’s personal care, such as help getting out of bed, support with continence care, washing and dressing; as well as help around their house, looking after things such as the housework and mealtimes. You will also be expected to assist your client with their medication. Another important part of your role is to provide good company for your client’. You will become someone to talk to and someone to listen to and must treat your clients with dignity, patience and compassion at all times. Forest Care currently provide hourly visiting care in Hampshire and Dorset and is in the top 2% of care providers in the UK with a rating of Outstanding from the Care Quality Commission. Qualifications & training There are no specific qualifications or training necessary to qualify you for the role when you apply. An NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care would be desirable, but is not essential as successful candidates will begin a full induction possess and enhanced training program within the first 12 weeks of starting with us. After this period according to Emerald Carpet Cleaning, further education and diplomas in care can be achieved. Obviously the more relevant qualifications you have the better equipped you will be to succeed from day one. Previous care work experience is desirable, either in a formal setting or an informal environment such as caring for a family member, but this is not essential. However, if you don’t have care experience you will need to demonstrate some customer service skills as a basis to build on. You will need excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. One of the most important parts of the role is engaging with the clients; chatting, listening and maybe even helping them with their correspondence so your English language skills will need to be good. Domestic assistance is an integral part of the job so housekeeping and cooking skills are necessary; having your own vehicle is a necessity as you will be travelling from to visit. Character It takes a certain type of person to make a outstanding Carer; above all you have to be compassionate, caring and patient. You need to have empathy, integrity and resilience. You will have to be diligent, adaptable and reliable with a positive outlook and proactive attitude. Being chatty helps and being a good listener is a necessity. If you can tick these boxes and are independent, fit and healthy, and keen to learn, then you might be a Forest Care kind of person.

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  • Live-In Carer

    Forest Care - Home Care / Domiciliary Care - Live-In Care | Full Time |

    Live-in carers live with their Service Users for several weeks at a time providing 24 hour care and support. Live-in care is a full-time homecare solution where you as a carer are required to live with the customer in their own home seven days a week and although you will have breaks you are responsible for the customer’s well being the rest of the time. It allows a customer to stay at home in familiar, relaxed surroundings, supported by a full-time live-in carer who undertakes all the duties detailed in an individually designed care plan. Many carers enjoy this one-to-one personal home care service as it allows them to concentrate on one person at a time. Unlike other care environments, live-in carers have the time to build a relationship and maintain a high standard of care. Whilst it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, it’s also demanding, challenging and comes with a huge amount of personal responsibility. This is a calling, not just a job. It takes a special kind of person to be a live-in carer. A good carer is someone who truly cares about others and is not just earning a living. This is a special job, and it needs special people to do it.


    Whilst it is advantageous for our Carers to be able to drive, it’s not necessary to have your own car. The ability to drive offers flexibility on a number of levels; it gives us greater flexibility in the care packages that we can offer you, check out If you’d like to work in a more remote, rural placement, then that is more feasible if you can drive and have a car. It also gives you the flexibility to get out and about with your client if their condition allows. If the customer still has a car, we often suggest that our Carer be added to the family insurance policy.


    When a new Carer goes into replace an existing Carer, we insist on a fully detailed handover. Whether acting as holiday cover or as a permanent replacement, this principle remains. This protects our Carers (and our clients) from the unexpected. The new Carer will be fully briefed on all aspects of the individual care plan, including routines, medications, preferred meals, nap times and any other pertinent information.

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