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We often get many questions about care homes in general. We have tried to address as many as possible below, but if you need more advice, please contact one of our homes or our Head Office.




Where do I start?

To decide which homes to visit it may be useful to speak to friends and relatives for their recommendations. Your GP and your local Social Services department should be able to provide a list of registered homes in your area. Choosing care for a relative can be a difficult and emotional decision; please contact one of our managers for a confidential chat to see how we can help. You may also find it useful to look at inspection reports for individual homes which are produced independently by The Care Quality Commission –

Are there different types of care homes?

There are primarily two types of Home. Those which provide mainly personal care and those which also provide nursing care. People who can no longer cope with their day to day activities alone in their own home, even with a carer or outside help need the support offered and personal care of a Care Home including accommodation, personal care and meals. People whose infirmity, illness or injury requires nursing care on a regular basis, which cannot be provided for them at home by the District Nursing Services, also need a Nursing Home. This sort of care, the law says, can only be provided by a Qualified Nurse or under the direct supervision of a Nurse. Nursing care generally requires higher fees than personal care because of this care being provided by Qualified Nurses, on top of the personal care, accommodation and meals.

Can I choose the home I want?

Many people think that care homes in the independent sector are only for the wealthy. You may be surprised to know that the majority of care homes in the UK are owned by the independent sector, and that 70 per cent of residents have their fees paid partly or wholly by their local authority. If you are paying all the fees yourself, you can choose whichever home you find suitable for your needs. If your local authority is assisting with funding, it doesn’t mean you have to choose one of their homes. You can request any home that accepts residents funded by the local authority. However, the local authority will want to be sure that the home is suitable for your needs and doesn’t cost more than it would usually pay for that type of care. If you want a more expensive home than the authority is willing to pay for, you are allowed to ‘top up’ their contribution from another source

Are all homes and services inspected?

Yes they are. The purpose of registration and inspection is to guarantee the standard of care you are entitled to receive. In order to be registered, a home has to comply with the law and also with the Registering Authority’s own guidelines. These specify the high standards required, for example the room sizes, number of bathrooms and toilets, staffing levels, food, services and facilities, fire safety and records to be kept. Each home is regularly inspected. All Homes are required by law to display their Care Quality Commission reports in the reception areas. For further information please go to

Where can I find more information to help me choose a home?

Once the type of care has been identified, you can start your search for a suitable care home, as well as exploring the available funding options. Go to our helpful guides for a useful checklist for choosing a home and the latest fees and funding guidance.

How do I make an appointment to discuss my care needs?

There are several ways to make contact:- Use the contacts page of this site, send a direct email, telephone the service directly or telephone our Head Office. All contact details are available on our contacts page

How do I make an appointment to view a home?

You are welcome to view a home at any time but we would recommend making an appointment to ensure all your questions are answered. Please contact the home or service directly or click on the "book an appointment" button

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  • Elaine & Family - Beechcroft Manor

    "Thank you so much for the care of our mum. We have been so grateful of the care and in the way you treated our mum for the past year."

    Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home - Gosport PO12 2EP

  • Harry - Southlands

    "I will forever be grateful for the wonderful way you cared for Jeanne for 4 years....I must also thank you for the way you befriended me, and cared for my welfare."

    Southlands Nursing Home - Havant PO9 2RG

  • Joan's family - Northcott House

    "Thank you so much, on behalf of Joan, as she reaches her 100th birthday. She would wish you to celebrate!"

    Northcott House - Alverstoke PO12 2PP

  • Mary & Family - Southlands

    "Simon and staff, thanking you for the care you gave to our brother. He trusted you, we trusted you, and you were all wonderful."

    Southlands Nursing Home - Havant PO9 2RG

  • Amanda & Jeannie - Southlands

    "To all the fabulous staff at Southlands, thank you so much for the care given to our mother. You were all so patient and kind, not only to her but to us as a family. You helped support us through difficult times and provided us with tea and biscuits! Thank you."

    Southlands Nursing Home - Havant PO9 2RG

  • Fiona, Philippa, Helen, Richard, James & Richard - Beechcroft Manor

    "Thank you all for the care and attention you gave to E while she was with you. We as a family cannot fault the care you gave, we feel as a family that all the staff were professional, and you are much appreciated."

    Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home - Gosport PO12 2EP

  • Cliff & Trudy - Beechcroft Manor

    "Thank you all at Beechcroft for looking and caring for our mum over the last 14 months. It has been a bit of a roller coaster at times, and she has always said she is in the right place."

    Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home - Gosport PO12 2EP

  • Jan & Ray - Beechcroft Manor

    "Thank you for your kindness for looking after mum for so many years, she looked upon Beechcroft as her home."

    Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home - Gosport PO12 2EP

  • Sue, Neal & Joel - Beechcroft Manor

    "I would just like to say thank you for looking after my mum.....prior to Beechcroft she lived in total isolation at home with no-one to talk to. She could be very blunt and to the point but she did tell me that she was glad she was there."

    Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home - Gosport PO12 2EP

  • Ann and family- Denehurst

    "The family wish to thank you for everything that you have done for M this year, I don't know what we would have done without you, we really appreciate everything."

    Denehurst - Residential Care - New Milton BH25 5EW

  • Andy, Jenny & Luke -Denehurst

    "To Robin, and everyone at Denehurst. Thank you so much for all your help & support, it has been greatly appreciated by us. Many, many thanks."

    Denehurst - Residential Care - New Milton BH25 5EW

  • Anne Atkins - Forty4

    "The summer barbeque at Forty4 was as usual a great success. To help, the weather was great. A great variety of food was served, all the staff were there to help, and as usual there was a great atmosphere. Must say thank you to all you that were involved, a nice afternoon out. Look forward to next year's."

    Forty 4 - Residential Care - New Milton BH25 5EW

  • JM's family - Forty4

    "To Laura, Joy, and the wonderful caring team who are looking after JM, we can't thank you enough for your dedicated support in his hour of need. We are so grateful for your loyalty, perseverance and kindness. THANK YOU from C, and JM's family xx"

    Forty 4 - Residential Care - New Milton BH25 5EW

  • Joanne and Simon - Forest Care

    "Dear Kevin and the staff, Thank you so much for all your help and advice over the years without this we would not of managed. Living a distance from Peggy was a huge worry but having you guys in place relieved that worry as we knew you had her best interests in hand and we knew we could call and speak to Kevin at any time and he would always be able to update us. It was Peggy’s wish to stay at home and with your help and constant support it was achieved. I couldn't recommend forest care high enough. Best wishes to you all Joanne and Simon."

    Home Care / Domiciliary Care - Live-In Care

  • Joy and Family- Forest Care

    "Dear Kevin Carolyn and all the team. Thank you for all your help, advice and assistance through all the recent years you have helped first with both my parents then when dad died attending to mum with her decreasing mental and physical health. You truly guided me through these difficult times with your kindness, outstanding care and experience. Many thanks Joy and all the family"

    Home Care / Domiciliary - Hourly / Visiting Care

  • Richard - Forest Care

    "Dear Kevin and all at Forest Care who looked after my dad for the past 18 months- Many Thanks! Dad looked forward to his food, his chats and the company you all offered; it was a real lifeline after mum’s death. With warm thanks and admiration to you all. Richard"

    Home Care / Domiciliary - Hourly / Visiting Care

  • Sue - Forest Care

    "I want to say a big “thank you “to you all for the support and care you gave to Mildred. I know it hasn’t been easy for you and there were quite a few ups and downs! However I cannot praise you enough for the attention to detail you gave her, and the help that she needed. Its not easy being so far away and wondering what’s going on, but I did feel that you would contact me, which you did occasionally, and me you if there were issues. It worked well and I felt very comfortable with it all. Last but not at all least I would like to say a big thank you to Mildred’s carer Jenny, she went beyond her duties as a carer we feel where Mildred was concerned and we are extremely grateful to her. Sue xx"

    Home Care / Domiciliary - Hourly / Visiting Care

  • Anonymous Family- Forest Care

    "Thank you so much for the constant care and companionship my mother received from your carer and the Forest Care team you all were truly amazing and dedicated to her needs. It was such peace of mind knowing that someone was with mum and knowing that there was a dedicated management team never far away to give help and support to both mum and the carer in times when it was needed. The carer ensured that at all times mums wishes and care needs were met and we know mum benefitted from having someone with her. Mum often mentioned how nice it was to sit in the garden and have a nice chat over afternoon tea with the carer. She loved her garden and cherished those moments. Having someone at the house tending to the domestic side of things along with mum’s personal care meant so much for us as a family as this gave us the opportunity to spend Quality time together when we visited."

    Home Care / Domiciliary Care - Live-In Care

  • Ann Atkins - Forty4

    "I could not ask for a better home for my brother to live in, the staff and manager are always very helpful and welcoming. He has never been happier than he is now. The whole family had massive support from every one in the last year while Malcolm was ill. All I can say is thank you to everyone at 44."

    Forty 4 - Residential Care - New Milton BH25 5EW

  • Peggy & Andy - Northcott

    "Thanks for keeping (our) mum, Peggy "in-line"! with your healthy banter & kind heart."

    Northcott House - Alverstoke PO12 2PP

  • Keith and Valerie - Acacia House

    "Thank you to all the staff here at Acacia House for the love and care you gave to George."

    Acacia House Nursing Home - Horndean PO8 9LN

  • John & Family

    "Words cannot describe how grateful we are that mum spent her final days in your care."

    Beechcroft Green Nursing Home - Gosport PO12 2EG

  • Margaret Sandy

    "The family all felt that Mum had the best care anyone could have wished for their loved one and during her stay she was always kept comfortable and well cared for."

  • The Goldens

    "Thank you to all your wonderful staff who look after our mum and wife, Jill Golden. Her care is really fantastic."

  • Jan & Carol Redman and Family

    "Thank you all for the loving care you gave Mum (Marjorie). Making her last months happy & comfortable. Making us welcome at all times."

  • Anthony Tilt

    "On behalf of all the Tilt family I would like to thank everybody at Northcott House for the case and attention Mum received during her time in residence, particularly during the last few weeks as she grew weaker. I was pleased and impressed by the level of devotion shown."

    Northcott House - Alverstoke PO12 2PP

  • Terry & June

    "The photo of Dad's (Peter) birthday cake was lovely to see. Thank you for making the day special as we were unable to be with you all. A tough time but you are through it again."

  • Eve

    "Please accept my thanks and gratitude to you for your cards, gifts and good wishes on Bobby's 100th Birthday. It made a special day even happier and more memorable. Thank you again for all you did (and continue to do) for Bobby."

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Jackie Harding

    "Just a note to say thank you for all the care and support you gave Mum (Jean Harding) especially in the last few weeks of her life."

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • All the family & friends of Phil

    "A huge thank you for all you did for our grandad, dad, brother, uncle and friend — Philip Cook. You were all absolutely amazing, so kind and helpful and allowed him to see his last months with the utmost dignity. He told us himself he was very comfortable. We couldn't have asked for more."

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • John, Diane, Joan, Jill and families

    "A big thank you for all you did for Iris & Fred Shipton."

  • Tammy & Sarah

    "Thank you for making mum feel this was her home from home, not just a carehome, you're all amazing!"

  • Andy and Nicky - Two Beeches

    "We would like to thank all staff at Two Beeches who showed Edna such love and made her 2 years in the home a happy time for her."

    Two Beeches Nursing Home - Waterlooville PO7 7RX

  • Sandra (Henderson) and all the family

    "Thank you so much for the love and care you gave my Dad, Fred in his final months. We couldn't have asked for more. We will all miss him so much but consider ourselves lucky to have had him in our lives for so long."