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We often get many questions about care homes in general. We have tried to address as many as possible below, but if you need more advice, please contact one of our homes or our Head Office.




Where do I start?

To decide which homes to visit it may be useful to speak to friends and relatives for their recommendations. Your GP and your local Social Services department should be able to provide a list of registered homes in your area. Choosing care for a relative can be a difficult and emotional decision; please contact one of our managers for a confidential chat to see how we can help. You may also find it useful to look at inspection reports for individual homes which are produced independently by The Care Quality Commission –

Are there different types of care homes?

There are primarily two types of Home. Those which provide mainly personal care and those which also provide nursing care. People who can no longer cope with their day to day activities alone in their own home, even with a carer or outside help need the support offered and personal care of a Care Home including accommodation, personal care and meals. People whose infirmity, illness or injury requires nursing care on a regular basis, which cannot be provided for them at home by the District Nursing Services, also need a Nursing Home. This sort of care, the law says, can only be provided by a Qualified Nurse or under the direct supervision of a Nurse. Nursing care generally requires higher fees than personal care because of this care being provided by Qualified Nurses, on top of the personal care, accommodation and meals.

Can I choose the home I want?

Many people think that care homes in the independent sector are only for the wealthy. You may be surprised to know that the majority of care homes in the UK are owned by the independent sector, and that 70 per cent of residents have their fees paid partly or wholly by their local authority. If you are paying all the fees yourself, you can choose whichever home you find suitable for your needs. If your local authority is assisting with funding, it doesn’t mean you have to choose one of their homes. You can request any home that accepts residents funded by the local authority. However, the local authority will want to be sure that the home is suitable for your needs and doesn’t cost more than it would usually pay for that type of care. If you want a more expensive home than the authority is willing to pay for, you are allowed to ‘top up’ their contribution from another source

Are all homes and services inspected?

Yes they are. The purpose of registration and inspection is to guarantee the standard of care you are entitled to receive. In order to be registered, a home has to comply with the law and also with the Registering Authority’s own guidelines. These specify the high standards required, for example the room sizes, number of bathrooms and toilets, staffing levels, food, services and facilities, fire safety and records to be kept. Each home is regularly inspected. All Homes are required by law to display their Care Quality Commission reports in the reception areas. For further information please go to

Where can I find more information to help me choose a home?

Once the type of care has been identified, you can start your search for a suitable care home, as well as exploring the available funding options. Go to our helpful guides for a useful checklist for choosing a home and the latest fees and funding guidance.

How do I make an appointment to discuss my care needs?

There are several ways to make contact:- Use the contacts page of this site, send a direct email, telephone the service directly or telephone our Head Office. All contact details are available on our contacts page

How do I make an appointment to view a home?

You are welcome to view a home at any time but we would recommend making an appointment to ensure all your questions are answered. Please contact the home or service directly or click on the "book an appointment" button

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  • Elaine & Family - Beechcroft Manor

    "Thank you so much for the care of our mum. We have been so grateful of the care and in the way you treated our mum for the past year."

    Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home - Gosport

  • Harry - Southlands

    "I will forever be grateful for the wonderful way you cared for Jeanne for 4 years....I must also thank you for the way you befriended me, and cared for my welfare."

    Southlands Nursing Home - Havant

  • Joan's family - Northcott House

    "Thank you so much, on behalf of Joan, as she reaches her 100th birthday. She would wish you to celebrate!"

    Northcott House - Alverstoke

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