Personal Assistants

A Personal Assistant is a person employed to help you with your daily social care.

Using your Personal Budget, you can employ a Personal Assistant to provide support with all aspects of daily living and personal development, health and wellbeing for example: daily tasks such as cooking; cleaning; help with personal care like washing and using the toilet; driving or help with getting around; medical tasks; shopping; banking or paying bills.

A personal assistant can play an important role in achieving personal goals, supporting you by facilitating activities and developing your independence.

The key difference between our live-in or hourly care packages and a personal assistant is the employment status of the carer - a Personal Assistant will be your employee. This brings with it rights and responsibilities for both parties

Introduction and on-going support

We can help you source, short list, interview and appoint a Personal Assistant. This will help with:
• Matching the appropriate skills and personality with your needs
• Fully vetting your new employee
• Establishing the contractual relationship between you and your employee

Following the appointment of your Personal Assistant we can help with:
• Training and Development
• Payroll processing and PAYE/NIC deductions
• Sickness and Holiday cover

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