Organised Activities

Looking after you at Contemplation home

The Contemplation Homes Group fully subscribes to the "NAPA" ethos and recognises the social, spiritual, psychological and physical benefits of activities, interaction with others and exercise.

Every Home has a dedicated Activities Co-ordinator who plans, co-ordinates and delivers activities on a daily basis.

The Activities Co-ordinator is specifically trained to understand and deliver person centered care and will work with Matron and Care staff to tailor the

daily program to specific residents needs.

All Homes, as members of NAPA, are constantly updated with ideas, best practice and further training.
We begin a new resident activities plan with "My Life". The Activities Co-ordinator or the Resident’s Key Worker will spend time discussing the Resident’s likes and dislikes, personal history and experiences and throughout process develop the resident’s "My Life" document. As a result of this process the staff can better understand and care for the Resident. The process, which takes time, is an activity in itself and will often prompt reminiscence and discussion. From there the Activities Co-ordinator can better develop an appropriate activity plan.


The Daily Activities Schedule will contain a mixture of Group and One to One exercises delivered by both our experienced Care staff or external providers.

Activities will take many forms, from simple daily living activities to group outings.

For Example
One – to – One Activities with the Staff
• Talking and Reminiscing
• Going for walks
• Pampering – Manicures, facials, hand massages
• Playing games and armchair exercises
• Reading letters / magazines / newspaper /Helping to choose library books etc

Group Activities
• Various entertainers and Activity specialists come in to the Home by arrangement
• Quizzes and Bingo
• Theme weeks
• Movies

All outings are geared to the resident’s needs and capabilities. Outings would include:
• A drive around the countryside / along the seafront
• Visit to a Garden Centre / Zoo / Museum
• Visit to a Circus, Pantomime or Play
• Pub lunch, Shopping and afternoon tea

Great Care at Contemplation Homes
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