The Contemplation Homes Group

Finding the right Home - the first steps

Once you have seen the initial brochure for the Home and have decided to make further enquiries the following steps may be useful for you to follow:

• Telephone the Home

To make enquiries about vacancies and suitability of the placement of yourself / relative / friend.

• Make an appointment to view the Home
You are very welcome to view the Home without prior notice at any time. However, if you wish to discuss the financial side of the placement, an appointment with Matron would be advisable.

• View the Home
During this visit you may wish to leave details about the prospective resident. These details may include relevant names, addresses, contact details, medical history, G.P., age, level of dependency and physical and mental health care needs. We would also need to know any specialist requirements at this time to ensure provide the level of care required.

• Make an appointment to speak to the Matron
(Whilst viewing the Home) who will give you information about the financial details. She will be able to advise you on the cost of the room, any benefits that you may be entitled to, such as NHS Nursing Care Contribution, Attendance Allowance and help from Social Services. She will advise of any other costs involved such as hairdressing and chiropody.

• Decide if our Home is right for you

If you decide that you would like to proceed with a possible admission the Matron will arrange to do a nursing assessment of the prospective resident. This will include visiting them where possible and talking to the multi-disciplinary team involved in their present care. With the prospective resident’s permission we will view their medical and nursing records.

Relaxing Gradens at Contemplation homes.

The admission process

Welcome to contemplation homes

New residents are admitted only after a Full Assessment has been undertaken by a trained person in consultation with the resident and / or a representative and it is agreed that the Home can meet the assessed needs of the resident.

If we are unable to visit personally due to the distance involved or an emergency admission then we will have to speak directly to a member of the multi-disciplinary team dealing with them before admission in order to gain information to ensure we can provide the care required.

Providing the prospective resident has met the Registration criteria through the nursing assessment and the financial details have been agreed, admission can then proceed. The Matron will arrange this with you and dependant on timescale you will be informed either verbally or in writing.

Once admitted you will be given:

Welcome Pack which will contain further details about the day-to-day life and running of the Home and how to organise payments. The Home will organise the NHS Nursing Care Contribution to be assessed if it has not already done so. You will be issued with an Occupancy Agreement which will state the terms of occupancy.

If it is necessary, due to a change in area, we will need to register the resident with a new G.P. This is a personal choice and we can inform you of the practices that are taking on new patients at the time of admission. A visit by your G.P. will be requested within 48 hours of admission.

Residents Plan of Care. The resident’s plan of care is prepared based on the pre- admission assessment and in consultation with the resident and / or representative. This plan will be made available to the resident, reviewed on a monthly basis and if needed revised where appropriate. The resident / representative will be consulted in any changes to the plan where practicable or notified of any changes.

Emergency Admissions In the event of an emergency admission to the Home a 24 hour assessment is completed which is then used to prepare the resident’s plan of care as above.

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