Daily Life

Meals and Nutrition

Great meals at Contemplation Homes

The Contemplation's Head Office oversees the quality service provided in all homes. Seasonally varied, nutritional balanced menus are prepared by the Head Office in conjunction with the chefs in the Homes. All daily menus ensure there is choice at each mealtime, including a "Healthy option" but Residents are free to request alternative at anytime

Menus are changed daily based on a five week cycle and reviewed seasonally. Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea, including homemade cakes, are served daily. Sandwiches, Soup, Jacket Potatoes, Fresh Fruit and Cheese and Cheese and Biscuits are always available as alternatives for lunch and tea when not specifically on the menu.

Healthy food at Contemplation Homes


Daily routines may vary but below is an example of a normal day:
8.00am  - Day Staff arrive
8.30am  - Breakfast is served until 9.30am
11.00am - Morning Tea or Coffee
12.30pm - Lunch 
3.00pm  - Afternoon Tea
5.00pm  - Evening Tea / Supper
8.00pm  - Night Staff report on duty
8.30pm - Bedtime drink and snack


Sample Menus

Breakfast A full English breakfast is served on a Sunday! Breakfast each day gives a choice of:
• A wide selection of cereals
• Traditional Porridge
• Prunes or Grapefruit segments
• Yoghurts
• Fresh fruit
• Fresh eggs (Scrambled, poached or boiled)
• Selection of fruit juices
• Toast / Bread and Butter / Margarine with a selection of preserves
• Tea or coffee

Lunch Lunch is the main meal of the day always offering a choice of hot dishes and a healthy option. For example:
• Chicken Leek and Bacon Pie served with a herb crust
• Poached Smoked Haddock served with Dill Cream
• Marquise Potatoes
• Buttered Baton Carrots
• Fresh Broccoli
• Apple and Sultana Crumble with Creamy Custard

Teatime / Supper Teatime hot choices are always available as well as alternative always available. For example:
• Homemade Soup of the Day
• Selection of Sandwiches
• Poached Eggs and Smoked Bacon on Toast
• Fresh Fruit Salad and Cream

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