Core Values of Care

Privacy and Dignity

Privacy and Dignity at Contemplation homes

We recognise the changes residents face when moving into a home, to minimise the impact of those changes we will promote the philosophy of a ‘family circle’.  We will endeavor to retain as much privacy and dignity as possible by:

• Helping residents to personalise and equip their rooms as they wish.
• By providing keys to their rooms and a secure place for their valuables.
• Giving residents the opportunity to have privacy when receiving visitors.
• Making telephone calls or opening and reading mail.
• Securing all residents records and information and respecting the confidentiality of those records.
• Treating each resident as an individual and a respected member of the family circle.
• Assisting residents to maintain their dignity through their personal appearance and behavior.
• Promoting activities that encourage residents to express themselves as individuals.
• Helping residents to overcome any shortcomings they may experience through age or disability.


Freedom of Choice

We recognise that every resident should have the opportunity to choose a home which will meet their needs and can offer the care they require.  They should be given the opportunity to exercise their right of choice in all aspects of daily living.  To facilitate that choice we will:

  • Provide comprehensive information on the Home and the quality of services and care available.
  • Provide each resident with a contract or a statement of terms of conditions of residency.
  • Carry out a needs assessment on each resident prior to admission
  • Demonstrate to each resident that we can meet their assessed needs.
  • Offer the opportunity for prospective residents to assess the Home by way of a trial visit and / or stay
  • Provide a range of meals residents can choose from and allow them to decide where and when they consume the food of their choice.
  • Continually offer a wide range of social and leisure activities.
  • Avoid strict routines and maintain maximum flexibility in the daily life in the Home.

Residents Rights

The rights of all of our residents are the main priority in our philosophy of care.  We will promote those rights through the care and services we provide and encourage all residents to exercise their rights to the full.



  • Maximising the opportunities for residents self care.
  • Encouraging residents to retain financial independence where possible.
  • Helping residents to take reasonable and fully assessed risks.
  • Ensuring residents maintain links with contacts outside the Home.
  • Giving all residents the opportunity to contribute to the records of their own care and to express their views on the care.

The Home cannot restrict a resident’s movement or accept responsibility for a resident’s safety away from the Home, unless the journey and any necessary supervision have been arranged by the Home.

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